You Said, We Did: More buses!

The start of term saw big queues and longer waiting times on some of BU’s bus routes. Students shared their frustration with the Students’ Union and BU’s travel planners had a more efficient service running in less than a week.

Reece Pope, VP Welfare at SUBU

“At SUBU we encourage students to send their comments on any issues relating to life at BU. Several students contacted me about the sheer number of people using the buses and how this was increasing journey times and sometimes making them late for lectures.

“Specifically they said the U1 bus was arriving later than advertised and buses were so full that students couldn’t get on further down the route.

“One student told me they arrived at Cemetery Junction for the 09:30 bus, which unfortunately drove past. The student eventually got on another bus but arrived at Talbot Campus half an hour late and felt too embarrassed to walk into the lecture theatre. The student was especially frustrated as they had paid for a yearly bus pass.

“I met with BU’s Travel Plan Coordinator Richard Wintrip and shared this feedback.”

Richard Wintrip, BU’s Travel Plan Co-ordinator

“If people have bought an annual pass they would expect to be able to use the bus service, so it was really important for us to act on this feedback quickly. In this case we were able to act immediately and worked with BU’s contracted bus company to have a solution in place in under a week.

“After speaking to Reece on Tuesday last week, I asked the bus company out to monitor how many people were getting on the buses at different points along the route and how long people were waiting. Much of the congestion was happening at Cranbourne House near the Lansdowne.

“On Thursday we arranged with the bus company to put on an extra bus on the U1 route and upgrade the U4 bus to a double decker to carry more passengers. We put this in place from Monday – less than a week from when we first spoke to SUBU about it.”

A more efficient service

When BU’s contracted bus company monitored the situation at 8:30 on Wednesday last week, there were 40 people waiting at the Cranbourne House bus stop and they had a seven minute wait for the next one. A week on and things look very different.

Richard said: “Today, there no one was left waiting at 08:30 and the buses were leaving on time with some spare capacity available.”

Reece said: “The reply from Richard was so positive and he definitely has the interest of students at the top of his agenda. I feel confident that any issues brought to my attention in relation to buses will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. The students seem happy with the results, if their Facebook response is anything to go by.

We encourage students to share their feedback through SUBU’s Ideas Forum.

Taster sessions available with SUBU ‘Let’s Go…Outdoors’

subu-lets-gosportBU & SUBU are teaming up to offer students the chance to try out some alternative sports including; Surfing, Skiing, Snowboarding and Kayaking!!

Book onto any of these tasters as part of SUBU’s ‘Let’s Go’ Campaign, starting in the next week! All just £10 each, so book your place online or contact SUBU Reception today to avoid disappointment!

The Faculty of Science & Technology wins an award

The Faulty of Science & Technology wins the SUBU School of the Year Award SUBU-Cup-small

Following a successful integration of our Applied Sciences and Design, Engineering & Computing Schools into the new Faculty of Science & Technology, no one could have predicted the the immediate impact this transformation would make.

Judged by a panel of senior student representatives and student union staff, the criteria for this award is based on student experience and showing a real desire to involve students in improving their university experience.

This award is a testament to all the Faculty staff and cross department teams who are passionate about improving our student experience.

Congratulations to the Faculty of Science & Technology.


Talk BU Live launches with ‘Shoeless & Sausages: Making learning better’

Talk BU is going live for the first time with a talk by Professor Stephen Heppell.

The short talk, ‘Shoeless & Sausages: Making learning better’, starts at 5:30pm, Tuesday 23 September 2014 in Dylan’s Bar.

Talk BU Live is a free monthly on-campus event designed to get people talking, thinking and shouting. Talks are no more than 20 minutes long and open to all students and staff at BU. Join us for an evening of ideas, entertainment and inspiration.

Shoeless & Sausages: Making learning better

What is the best thing to eat on the morning of an exam? Why do degrees take three years to complete? Should 30 children be thrown together in a classroom just because they are born between two particular Septembers? Are current learning practices adopted out of habit or convenience?

With so many people learning – not just in schools and businesses, but on TV as they master dancing, cooking and diving – it’s extraordinary that we seem to apply little of what we know from good research to making learning better. Suddenly this is changing, and changing rapidly, with a new wave of learners and educators brave enough to challenge long-held stereotypes of learning.

Stephen will be challenging our beliefs about learning, exploring what the future holds and why it matters that education, and educators, can keep up with a rapidly evolving world.


If you want to get involved or find out more then please contact the team at or call +(0)1202 961041.

Please note that this event will be video recorded and made available online.

Bournemouth University Boat Club named NUS Sports Club of the Year

Bournemouth University Boat Club (BUBC) has been named Sports Club of the Year at the nationwide NUS Awards.

The awards, which this year received over 600 nominations, recognise and celebrate outstanding work from Students’ Unions across the country.

Judges awarded BUBC the Sports Club of the Year award for 2014 after being impressed by the club’s response to financial and resourcing problems and their work with local schools and colleges to open rowing to a wider demographic.

Clive Green, BUBC President for the past year, said: “Winning this prestigious award meant a lot to not only the committee but to all those associated.

“We are privileged to have such great support from all of our Alumni and family, and alongside SUBU’s guidance the club has a great network of people to share this award with.”

He added: “This award symbolizes the development the club has gone through this year and further potential BUBC has to achieve even more. We pride ourselves on our openness to memberships and can accommodate any level of athlete.”

Clive said that he believed multiple factors led to the club’s win – including their large membership, dedication to training and community and charity work.

“It’s not just our large squads training daily and performing well; it’s the charity work, training camps, university engagement and willingness to support our local community that makes BUBC a winning club,” he said.

“We raised over £400 for Help for Heroes by completing a rowathon, and we also went abroad to France for a training camp.

“In addition, BUBC help coach students at Winton Arts Media College, with some club members also coaching at Canford School.

“Again, all of these are organised and managed by the students.”

The team were nominated for the award by Emma Hiscutt, Activities Development Manager for the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University (SUBU).

She said: “Even being recognised for a national award is an amazing achievement and so for BU Boat Club to win one is something that SUBU are very proud of.

“We have seen the club move from strength to strength and are constantly astounded at the efforts the club members put in. It’s a real pleasure to work with these students throughout the year and see them gain in confidence and witness their accomplishments.”

She added: “We are very proud of the Boat Club and can’t wait to see what they achieve next year and beyond.”

Find out more about BU Boat Club

SUBU Annual Review celebrates success

The 2014 Annual Review celebrated SUBU’s 20th birthday by showcasing another year of achievements.

The event, on Wednesday 4 June, was presented by the elected Full Time Officers, who highlighted all the great activities the Students’ Union at BU (SUBU) have been supporting, funding and making happen in 2013/14. Among the guests were Chancellor Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, Vice Chancellor Professor John Vinney, Conor Burns MP, members of the University board, SUBU Board of trustees and previous SUBU Full Time Officers.

The Students’ Union at BU has been in operation for two decades and has grown with each passing year; supporting, developing and entertaining every new cohort passing through BU’s doors. This year was no exception and SUBU have plenty of successes to shout about.

One of the key achievements for 2013/14 was SUBU’s RAG (Raising and Giving) charity activities which raised over a quarter of a million pounds. The funds were split between local charities and worthy causes around the UK including, Dorset Blind Association, Autism Wessex, Alzheimer’s Society and Children with Cancer UK.

Volunteering increased by 40% this year with 734 students giving a helping hand to both local and national projects. The Big Feed was one of the more successful projects, managing to collect and deliver four tonnes of food to local families and food banks. Student engagement in extra-curricular activities, like volunteering, is a major player in affecting employability for BU students and it is high on SUBU’s yearly agenda.

The ‘Lock it or Lose it’ burglary prevention campaign helped to cement community relations this year as SUBU joined forces with Arts University Bournemouth, BU staff, local police and councillors. Combined with the newly created SUBU Community Warden team, this resulted in a 19.6% reduction in crime around Winton and 41% reduction in bin-related complaints from residents. The four new wardens managed to clock up over 50 miles of patrolling around the local area, helping to improve integration and relations between students and locals.

As if that weren’t enough, SUBU’s strides towards becoming a more ethical and environmentally friendly organisation were recognised with a Gold status NUS Green Impact Award.  Next year will see SUBU getting even more green on campus.

Encouraging student engagement in democratic decision-making and student representation also took a major step forward this year. Earlier in the year representatives from six other Students’ Unions were invited to Bournemouth so that SUBU could share their practices and expertise in student engagement. SUBU President Murray Simpson said,

“We’ve been highlighted as a feature of good practice for our evidence based feedback by the QAA, and believe a partnership approach with BU has enabled this to happen. We’ve come on leaps and bounds with welfare and democracy this year, and the Annual Review is a fantastic chance to look back and celebrate these successes.”

As a final visual treat, the audience experienced a nostalgic romp through the history of SUBU in a slide show of the last 20 years. The future of SUBU was also discussed, with a focus on the Union’s new home in the Student Centre and welcoming the new SUBU staff for 2014/15.

SUBU Volunteering & RAG Leadership Roles now open!

SUBU-volunteeringSUBU Volunteering and Raising and Giving (RAG) coordinate thousands of hours of students’ time every year in to Volunteering projects or raising money for charity through a variety of different ways. From 5-minute Volunteering, to long term projects in Volunteering and Overseas Trips, Events and the amazing Leggit in RAG, they are both packed with awesome opportunities.

And it’s that time of year that the equally awesome opportunity of leading all this next year has come around! Both SUBU Volunteering and RAG are opening nominations for their President Elections and accepting applications for the Leadership Teams for the 2014/15 Academic year.

Nominate Yourself for RAG or SUBU Volunteering President Roles

This year RAG is guaranteed to donate a minimum of £135,000 to charity and the SUBU Volunteering team have helped students to volunteer a whopping 3,900 hours so far.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to lead RAG or SUBU Volunteering next year then nominate yourself for election.

More details on the SUBU website.

Apply for RAG & SUBU Volunteering Leadership Roles

We’re also recruiting for the rest of our RAG & SUBU Volunteering Leadership Team so if you want to be on the RAG or SUBU Volunteering committee or to lead one of our Volunteering Projects then apply via the SUBU website.

Students who go above and beyond celebrated at awards ceremony

BU students who have completed the Student Development Award had their achievements celebrated during a dedicated awards ceremony.

The Student Development Award recognises the hard work and commitment shown by those who dedicate their time to extra-curricular activities alongside their course – such as volunteering, participating in clubs and societies and providing support to initiatives designed to enhance the student experience.

Over the course of one or two years, students create a portfolio of work to evidence and showcase the ways in which they go the extra mile, giving back and enhancing their employability.

This year, more than 80 students received their Student Development Awards from BU Vice-Chancellor Professor John Vinney and Students’ Union (SUBU) president Murray Simpson at a red carpet event and awards ceremony.

Vice-President Communications for SUBU Annie Hall, who attended the event, said:   “It was fantastic to see students from every school and faculty of the university.

“A selection of comments from the portfolio assessors was shared on the screens as the students collected their awards. They remarked on students’ commitment, use of initiative, willingness to go above and beyond and much more.”

Individual prizes were also handed out to several students.

Elisa Reynolds, a second year Biological Anthropology student, won the Most Outstanding Achievement prize.

eliza reynolds

Alongside her course, Elisa is involved with a wide range of extra-curricular activities – which includes volunteering with charities and an international project in Ghana, acting as Student Rep for her course and as a Student Ambassador and Mentor.

She is also an active member of the BU Handball Team and Baking Society.

She said: “I signed up to do the Student Development Award because I thought it would be a good way to collate all my extra-curricular activities and it provides a basis to strive for.

“Initially, I used the portfolio mainly as a way to showcase the variety of things I get involved in as I can’t fit it all onto a C.V.

“Doing the award has definitely improved my confidence as it has made me realise that I do things for other people without even thinking, and has given me hope with regard to job searches, as they tend to look for that kind of thing. Doing all of the activities have provided friends for life too.”

She added that receiving the Outstanding Achievement Prize at the awards ceremony was a welcome surprise.

“I was genuinely shocked,” she said. “Simply being nominated was surprise enough!

“Upon hearing my name, I blushed significantly but walked down to receive my prize, understanding finally that perhaps I did deserve it. I was very proud of myself and felt ecstatic to be in a room full of applause for me.”

The other awards and prize-winners were:

  • Best Reflective Writing Prize – Olivia Tuckerman (School of Health & Social Care)
  • Dedication to Coaching & Mentoring Prize – Christopher Hodge (Business School)
  • Prize for Best e-portfolio – Amy Haase (Business School)
  • Prize for Creativity & Enterprise – Glebs Kiselovs (Business School)

The BU Dorset Shrievalty Award was also awarded to students who have supported charity projects including Safewise and Streetwise in the community.

The High Sheriff of Dorset, who sponsors the Shrievalty Award, presented it to Aisha Chesshire (Faculty of Science & Technology), Joshua Freeland (Media School) and Preslava Ivanova (School of Tourism).

Find out more about the Student Development Award

Student volunteers collect 2.2 tonnes of food for local foodbanks


Bournemouth University students collected a giant 2.2 tonnes of food for local foodbanks in a one-day volunteering challenge.

The Big Feed saw 26 volunteers, including a team of builders from Wilmott Dixon, compete in teams at six local supermarkets to accumulate the most food donations for Bournemouth, Poole & Kinson Foodbanks.

The event, organised by the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University (SUBU), encouraged students to contribute back to their local community, and provide extra resources for the area’s local foodbanks, which are experiencing a worrying rise in emergency demand.

With more donations still coming in, the total collection more than doubled the previous record of 1.5 tonnes, which was set at SUBU’s first Big Feed event in September 2013.

Kim Appleton, SUBU Volunteering Coordinator, said it was a testament to people’s generosity in the community.

“People’s donations have been incredible. We would have been happy matching our record, but to beat it so substantially is really a tribute to the tireless work of our volunteers and the generosity of the public.

“It’s going to be incredibly beneficial to the foodbanks, who are in constant need of supplies. None of us deserve to go hungry, but 1 in 5 mums regularly skip meals to feed their children, simply down to needing to pay bills or other expenses.

“This food will go a long way in supporting those in need of emergency supplies.”

The event concluded with a celebratory ceremony for all the volunteers in the evening with awards and prizes, including food hampers and event tickets for outstanding contributions.

Bob Walter MP tours BU’s new Student Centre building

North Dorset MP Bob Walter has toured the site of a new Student Centre building at Bournemouth University.

He joined representatives from the university’s leadership and estates teams for a tour of the six-storey building on Talbot Campus, which is due to open next April.

When completed, the Student Centre will be the new home of the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University (SUBU) and its Nerve* media outlets.

Student Centre

It will also feature social learning spaces, access points for student support services and a café.

Mr Walter also met with BU’s Vice-Chancellor Professor John Vinney and other members of the university’s executive team, to learn more about the work taking place at BU.

He said: “Bournemouth University has gone from strength to strength since it was established just over 20 years ago, and now has a well-deserved reputation for research, innovation and, perhaps most importantly, getting its graduates into work.

“BU obviously has an important role in the county’s economic and cultural life and has, I know, recently played a significant part in the development of Dorset LEP’s Strategic Economic Plan.”