Do something good with SUBU Activities

The SUBU Activities Council have been busy planning their fundraising challenges and volunteering opportunities this year.

Already this term, student volunteers have started on the Slades Farm Gardening Project and been busy cleaning up Bournemouth beach – treating themselves to a much deserved beach BBQ afterwards.

The 5-minute volunteering scheme is another way students have been doing good work for charity – from decorating jam jars to making a bird feeder for the RSPB. These bite-sized sessions are perfect if you don’t have much time to spare. Pop along to the next 5-minute volunteering session in the Costa Café at Studland House, Lansdowne Campus between 12-2pm (you can stay for more than five minutes if you want to).

If you want to do something a bit more extreme to raise money for charity, then maybe the student-led Raising And Giving (RAG) activities LEGGIT and overseas expeditions will be more up your street.

LEGGIT is the first of SUBUs two charity hitchhike events where teams have to get as far away from Bournemouth as possible – without spending any money on transport. Teams have managed to get as far away as the Sahara Dessert and raised over £20,000 for charity just last year. Find out more at 6pm on Thursday 15 October in the Shelly lecture theatre or Tuesday 20 October in the Cobham lecture theatre.

This year’s overseas expeditions could take you to Vietnam on your bike, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa or trekking to Peru’s Machu Piccu, following in the footsteps of Ellie Mayo-Ward, SU VP Education: Going to Machu Picchu was the one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The fundraising is challenging but completely worth it when you get to the top of Machu Picchu and have realised that you’ve made a huge difference. I made friends for life, spooned a llama, saw a shooting star for the first time and climbed an actual mountain! It was incredible and I’d do it again without even having to think about it.”

Find out more about the RAG overseas expeditions at 6pm on Tuesday 13 October, in the Marconi lecture theatre.

Enhance your student experience: SUBU’s latest update

subu_logo_smallNerve Radio recently brought home an impressive four awards from the National Student Radio Awards, sponsored by BBC Radio.

Find out from Chloe Schendel-Wilson what else has been happening in the world of SUBU, including:

  • Sharing responses to your feedback
  • Training SUBU’s new part-time officers
  • Raising And Giving (RAG) expeditions
  • This year’s LEGGIT success
  • New academic clubs and societies
  • What happened most to students in 2013-14

Read the SUBU President’s full report to find out more.

SUBU Volunteering & RAG Leadership Roles now open!

SUBU-volunteeringSUBU Volunteering and Raising and Giving (RAG) coordinate thousands of hours of students’ time every year in to Volunteering projects or raising money for charity through a variety of different ways. From 5-minute Volunteering, to long term projects in Volunteering and Overseas Trips, Events and the amazing Leggit in RAG, they are both packed with awesome opportunities.

And it’s that time of year that the equally awesome opportunity of leading all this next year has come around! Both SUBU Volunteering and RAG are opening nominations for their President Elections and accepting applications for the Leadership Teams for the 2014/15 Academic year.

Nominate Yourself for RAG or SUBU Volunteering President Roles

This year RAG is guaranteed to donate a minimum of £135,000 to charity and the SUBU Volunteering team have helped students to volunteer a whopping 3,900 hours so far.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to lead RAG or SUBU Volunteering next year then nominate yourself for election.

More details on the SUBU website.

Apply for RAG & SUBU Volunteering Leadership Roles

We’re also recruiting for the rest of our RAG & SUBU Volunteering Leadership Team so if you want to be on the RAG or SUBU Volunteering committee or to lead one of our Volunteering Projects then apply via the SUBU website.

BU students charity trek to Machu Picchu

As part of the RAG challenge BU students Marnie Joyce (Physiotherapy) and Ben Conway (Sport Management) raised a fantastic £4,875 for the Association of International Cancer Research.

Their challenge was a six day trek to Machu Picchu along the Salkantay pass, which is over 100km long and is known as the most challenging route to Machu Picchu. The journey involved entering six different ecosystems and walking across extremely undulating terrain. With the highest peak at 4650m and lowest point at 2300m, which shows the difficulty of the trek. On top of this they also had to deal with catching a nasty jungle bug, deadly spiders in tents and minor altitude sickness!

The twenty BU students involved in the trek had to raise £3000 each for the AICR charity in eight months, as Marnie points out they all did very different activities to raise their target amount:

“For example a few things I did was teaching cheerleading to children, car boot sales, a physiotherapy guest speaker event, band nights, newspaper articles, bucket collections and cake sales.”

Marnie & Ben would like to thank everyone who supported their charity fund raising and helped to make their trip an amazing success:maccu-piccu-trek-2

“Overall the experience challenged us in many ways, but it was also one of the most amazing, rewarding and unforgettable. But we could not have done it without your kind support, so thank you…As a team from Bournemouth University our total was £59,500! It took a lot of hard work and determination throughout the year, but thanks to your support we made it!”

Later on this year they will be visiting a laboratory in London, to meet the cancer research doctors who will be using the money they raised in their research, which will help to advance the diagnosis and treatment for cancer patients.

If you are interested in taking part in the RAG challenge there are three challenges running this year, you can find out more about these by visiting SUBU and asking for the RAG team.