Talk BU Live launches with ‘Shoeless & Sausages: Making learning better’

Talk BU is going live for the first time with a talk by Professor Stephen Heppell.

The short talk, ‘Shoeless & Sausages: Making learning better’, starts at 5:30pm, Tuesday 23 September 2014 in Dylan’s Bar.

Talk BU Live is a free monthly on-campus event designed to get people talking, thinking and shouting. Talks are no more than 20 minutes long and open to all students and staff at BU. Join us for an evening of ideas, entertainment and inspiration.

Shoeless & Sausages: Making learning better

What is the best thing to eat on the morning of an exam? Why do degrees take three years to complete? Should 30 children be thrown together in a classroom just because they are born between two particular Septembers? Are current learning practices adopted out of habit or convenience?

With so many people learning – not just in schools and businesses, but on TV as they master dancing, cooking and diving – it’s extraordinary that we seem to apply little of what we know from good research to making learning better. Suddenly this is changing, and changing rapidly, with a new wave of learners and educators brave enough to challenge long-held stereotypes of learning.

Stephen will be challenging our beliefs about learning, exploring what the future holds and why it matters that education, and educators, can keep up with a rapidly evolving world.


If you want to get involved or find out more then please contact the team at or call +(0)1202 961041.

Please note that this event will be video recorded and made available online.

Centre for Excellence in Learning

6528-CEL-logo block-LANDCSAPE-FINALBU is committed to giving students the best possible learning experience.

To achieve this, the Centre for Excellence in Learning (CEL) was recently launched. CEL is a hub of energy, enthusiasm and talent with the aim of enhancing your learning opportunities.

As part of the grand opening of the CEL space on the ground floor of Poole House, three well-renowned speakers will present on Tuesday 23 September about “The Importance of Learning” and help set the scene for the valuable work that CEL will engage in at BU.

The speakers include:

  • Dr Jenny Moon, BU Associate Professor in CEMP and National Teaching Fellow

Students are invited to attend these presentations and to book your place, please visit the Eventbrite website. To find out more about CEL, please visit the website