SUBU Volunteering & RAG Leadership Roles now open!

SUBU-volunteeringSUBU Volunteering and Raising and Giving (RAG) coordinate thousands of hours of students’ time every year in to Volunteering projects or raising money for charity through a variety of different ways. From 5-minute Volunteering, to long term projects in Volunteering and Overseas Trips, Events and the amazing Leggit in RAG, they are both packed with awesome opportunities.

And it’s that time of year that the equally awesome opportunity of leading all this next year has come around! Both SUBU Volunteering and RAG are opening nominations for their President Elections and accepting applications for the Leadership Teams for the 2014/15 Academic year.

Nominate Yourself for RAG or SUBU Volunteering President Roles

This year RAG is guaranteed to donate a minimum of £135,000 to charity and the SUBU Volunteering team have helped students to volunteer a whopping 3,900 hours so far.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to lead RAG or SUBU Volunteering next year then nominate yourself for election.

More details on the SUBU website.

Apply for RAG & SUBU Volunteering Leadership Roles

We’re also recruiting for the rest of our RAG & SUBU Volunteering Leadership Team so if you want to be on the RAG or SUBU Volunteering committee or to lead one of our Volunteering Projects then apply via the SUBU website.