Student Centre Now Open

student-centreThe new £10.5 million Student Centre has opened at Talbot Campus.

The six-storey building contains a range of social and collaborative learning space – including beach hut techno-booths – and bookable meeting rooms, as well as catering facilities and access points for student services.

It is also the new home of the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University (SUBU) – containing the SUBU offices, student advice centre and activities hub, and new radio studios and space for Nerve* student media.

Jim Andrews, BU Chief Operating Officer, said: “We’ve spent the best part of the last 18 months developing this building and engaging with students around what needs to go in here. It’s just really exciting now for everybody to be able to come through the doors and have a look around.

“It offers students a number of things – there are more café points, more meeting points, and greater access to our amazing students’ union – who are much more visible here than they were in the small offices that they’ve had in the past.”

The building is primarily designed as a hub for students to meet informally for study-related activities, for clubs and societies, and for social purposes.

It also features a glazed walkway providing direct access to the library, and windows which look out onto the sportBU sports hall.

SUBU President Chloe Schendel-Wilson said: “It’s really nice and it’s so exciting.

“It’s a really good way for BU to show students that there’s somewhere they can just hang out and treat like their own.

“It has also made SUBU more visible and accessible, so it is much easier to approach us and easier when you’re walking around to see what’s going on and get involved.”

The Student Centre is the first entirely new building on Talbot Campus for ten years, and is the most carbon efficient building on campus, with a number of green credentials to enable it to achieve a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating.

Jim Andrews said: “We’ve done lots of work over the last few years internally within different buildings, but this is the first new build for ten years.

“I think for me what it does is it sets a new standard for how we want the space to look and feel across Bournemouth University.”

Work is currently underway to create a new academic building on Talbot Campus, due to open in September 2016, and the Bournemouth University International College in Lansdowne – a partnership with Kaplan International to provide an integrated experience for international students undertaking preparatory programmes.

The Student Centre is open from 8am until 10pm daily, including all weekends other than the university’s Christmas closure. 

VIDEO: TalkBU Live – Shoeless and Sausages

Professor Stephen Heppell’s talk Shoeless and Sausages: Making Learning Better was the first in the Talk BU Live series.

It received a great reception from the audience in Dylan’s Bar, with entertaining insights and ideas around incorporating technology into learning.

The talk provided an insight into what the future has to offer the world of education and how children can benefit when educators keep up with the ever-evolving worlds of education and technology,

Speaking about his Talk BU experience, Stephen said: “For me, watching everyone’s faces as we dashed playfully from the design of school toilets and chairs, to levels of light and CO2, it was rather like watching the sun come out.

“A roomful of smiling faces, lit up by BU research, felt pretty good!”

TalkBU Live is a monthly, on-campus event at Dylan’s Bar featuring a short talk by BU staff or students, followed by a question and answer session with the audience.

The event aims to get staff and students thinking and talking about topics beyond their degree subjects and schools, with talks on a wide variety of different subjects.


Talk BU Live launches with ‘Shoeless & Sausages: Making learning better’

Talk BU is going live for the first time with a talk by Professor Stephen Heppell.

The short talk, ‘Shoeless & Sausages: Making learning better’, starts at 5:30pm, Tuesday 23 September 2014 in Dylan’s Bar.

Talk BU Live is a free monthly on-campus event designed to get people talking, thinking and shouting. Talks are no more than 20 minutes long and open to all students and staff at BU. Join us for an evening of ideas, entertainment and inspiration.

Shoeless & Sausages: Making learning better

What is the best thing to eat on the morning of an exam? Why do degrees take three years to complete? Should 30 children be thrown together in a classroom just because they are born between two particular Septembers? Are current learning practices adopted out of habit or convenience?

With so many people learning – not just in schools and businesses, but on TV as they master dancing, cooking and diving – it’s extraordinary that we seem to apply little of what we know from good research to making learning better. Suddenly this is changing, and changing rapidly, with a new wave of learners and educators brave enough to challenge long-held stereotypes of learning.

Stephen will be challenging our beliefs about learning, exploring what the future holds and why it matters that education, and educators, can keep up with a rapidly evolving world.


If you want to get involved or find out more then please contact the team at or call +(0)1202 961041.

Please note that this event will be video recorded and made available online.