Wordcamp UK event hosted by Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University hosted the 7th annual WordCamp UK event earlier this month.

The event is a chance for the community of WordPress developers to come together, share ideas and experiences, and provide each other with support and advice.

It attracted over 100 people from around the UK and Europe, all with varying levels of knowledge of WordPress.

Those attending the weekend event were able to benefit from a range of topics and speakers, including “A beginners guide to web accessibility”, “Learning to sell your services as a web designer”, “Designing with data” and “How not to launch a start-up”.

Naomi Kay from Bournemouth University, who assisted with the event, was delighted to be able to attend some of the sessions.

She said: “One of the most helpful sessions from my perspective as a novice WordPress user was a series of 5 minute lightening talks on topics such as the importance of password security and finding out how long it would take a hacker to crack your password, how to set up a developer event, and a poetic recital of how to problem-solve your website issues.”

“This was also a great opportunity to network and considering the tickets were just £10, has been fantastic value,” she added.

There are additional WordPress events scheduled in the UK and Europe during the rest of 2014.