University contribution recognised in the Bournemouth Echo

An article in the Bournemouth Echo highlighted Bournemouth University contributes more than £1 million per day to the economy of the South West.

An economic impact study produced by Professor John Fletcher and Dr Yeganeh Morakabati of Bournemouth University shows the university is worth £378 million in the South West.

John Fletcher said in the Bournemouth Echo the University was “part of the fabric of the conurbation of Dorset”.

He suggested it’s more than just numbers saying “it brings in people who you meet on the street, who enjoy the entertainment, enjoy the beach, go to the shops and spend money. It creates a vibrant and young society”.

“It also brings a highly creative and skilled workforce into the region, as well as their families”.

Across the region the university contributed £85 million for wages and supported 3124 jobs. These numbers are the equivalent of 11,476 households or 3.3 million visitors.

Bournemouth West MP Conor Burns praised the University for “seeking to become an integral part of the community it’s serving”.

Burns also said “Bournemouth would not only be economically and socially diminished without Bournemouth University, it would be decimated without Bournemouth University”.

By Peter Blackhall
2nd year student studying BA Public Relations at Bournemouth University