Food and Nutrition Week: 26-30 January

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This week of activities will take place across both campuses and includes information stands, games, a nutritionist visit, nutritional menus and seasonal soups.

Nutrition is a vast subject area and one which is vital to our health. This week is a great way to find out more information and inspire a healthier you!

View the full Food and Nutrition Week Schedule to find the activities you are interested in.

Take a look at the full Poole House, Refectory Menu  & the EBC, Market Place Menu for the week commencing 26 January.

External partners for this event will include Riverford Organics, Quorn and Life Water.

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Dr Heather Hartwell speaks to BBC West Midlands

Dr Heather Hartwell, Professor of Food Service at Bournemouth University recently appeared on the BBC Radio West Midlands as a part of their debate on saturated fats.

Hartwell’s views contrasted with new research findings from Cambridge University which found that “there is no evidence to link saturated fat with heart disease”.

Hartwell began by stating “saturated fat is fat that can increase the amount of cholesterol in your blood. The message is we should eat less fat” because we all eat too much”.

The presenter debated Hartwell commenting that “scientists discovered saturated does not cause heart disease, so doesn’t this mean we can all pick up the butter again?”

Hartwell disagreed, arguing that “fat is fat is fat”, and we should all “be reducing our fat intake as many of the foods we eat have lots of hidden fat in them. We should all be eating far more fruits and vegetables”.

“If we get into our heads that we should be eating less fats, that is a simple message to take forward”.