Law courses and the Faculty of Media & Communication

bu-logoAs the new faculty structure takes shape across BU, the discipline of Law will be integrated into the Faculty of Media & Communication, shifting its home from what used to be the Business School.

In a recent discussion to explain the process to Law students, Stephen Jukes, Dean of the Faculty of Media & Communication students said: “There are no plans to change any of the existing courses or jeopardise your study. Far from it, and to ensure that no boats are rocked, it has been agreed that students graduating this year will remain part of the Business School”.

Stephen continued to say: “The intention is to add to the richness of both Law and Media, drawing on Law’s international reputation for work in the areas of Human Rights and Intellectual Property. Human Rights fits extremely well with traditional Media subjects such as Journalism or Politics. Intellectual Property is absolutely crucial for anyone wanting to work in Media, managing for example sports rights, or working in the increasingly complex social media environment. At the same time, we very much want to boost Law’s national and international profile and invest in the discipline. We would love to bring Law and Media students together in joint projects where the various strands can come together – one idea is to set up a “moot court” and all suggestions are very welcome.”

As the discipline of Law embeds into the new Faculty, there may be development of new courses such as combined degree linking, for example, linking Law with Politics and History. But those plans are for the future and as Stephen puts it “please be reassured that no-one is going to mess with the degree course you are currently on!”.

Please read these helpful FAQs which may help to answer some of your questions, or contact:

Chloe Schendel-Wilson – SUBU President,

Ellie Mayo-Ward – SUBU Vice President for Education,

Sue Warnock – Law Framework Leader,

Sally Weston – Head of Law,