Guide created by BU with government advises on interns’ rights


The guide, calledMaking internships work: an intern’s guide’, offers advice on what interns should expect to receive and the rights they have when they take up positions in organisations.

It also offers prompts to companies and businesses that hire interns and work experience staff and act as a warning that all staff should be treated, and paid, properly.

As well as giving guidance on pay, the guide seeks to promote the value of internships and provides prospective interns with information about what they should look for in a good placement and how to make the most of it.

Linda Ladle, Placements and Careers Manager at Bournemouth University, helped to produce the guide and said: “It is time for employers to be more accountable with the internships they offer. Interns provide a valuable service for companies and should be paid, and respected, accordingly.”

She added: “Similarly, interns should know their rights and understand how to get the most out of their time with the organisation.

“They deserve to be paid for a good day’s work and this guide should help them to understand what taking an internship really means.”

The guide links to the Common Best Practice Code for High Quality Internships, relaunched in November. and follows recent stories about zero hour contracts and  companies who offer internships on a regular basis with no promise of payment or wage in exchange for work carried out.

Linda added: “At Bournemouth University, we are very proud of the way we prepare our students for the workplace.

“It is important that all students know that they will be valued members of the workforce, and that they are respected accordingly.

“Internships are vital for giving valuable experience to young professionals and we want to ensure that people do not feel that they are just making up the numbers but that they bring value to the companies they are working in.”

View the guide and code