BU students in The Guardian on deciding where to study

A Bournemouth University student suggested in The Guardian that people need to go and visit their prospective universities in person, before they make the final decision on where they will study.

Charlotte Humphrey, 20, who has just finished her second year at Bournemouth University said, “Pictures can’t show the Uni vibe. I remember going to the Bournemouth open day and thinking, wow! I loved the atmosphere, the hustle and bustle, the canteens, the coffee shops. And seeing the halls is definitely better in person than in the pictures, which will make them look better than they really are.” 

The article titled ‘Get a taste of your new home’, discusses the importance of students making the trip to see as many institutions as possible. This is because getting the feeling a university is right for someone cannot be found by only looking on university websites and browsing the internet.

This is highlighted further in a second Guardian in the article titled ‘Online opinion; Get insider knowledge on your uni choices via Facebook and Twitter’, where a comparison is made between choosing a university and buying a holiday. The article states “when you book a holiday, you don’t just look on the hotels website, so why do the same when looking for a university course”. The article goes on to say how social media sites are a great way of finding out about universities from a student perspective.  

Patricia Obawole, in her second year of a Law degree at Bournemouth University added to the article by recommending The Student Room (thestudentroom.co.uk). “It’s a forum that allows you to ask any question, from things about specific universities and being a student, to how everyone else found the exam you took. I’d advise you use it to check out the accommodation.” 

By Peter Blackhall
2nd Year Student at Bournemouth University, BA Public Relations