BU academic writes on Ukraine and Crimea

Sascha-Dominik Bachmann, Associate Professor in Law at Bournemouth University, has written about the current situation in Crimea and the Ukraine on law website Jurist.com.

The article, titled ‘Crimea and Ukraine 2014: A Brief Reflection on Russia’s Protective Interventionalism’ outlines the reactions of both sides as the crisis in Crimea escalates.

In the article Bachmann outlined the current situation, drawing comparison with the invasion of Georgia in 2008, and Bachmann goes on to write about the reaction of Ukraine’s interim government, the involvement of Russian military, and the role that NATO plays in the conflict.

Bachmann writes, “Russia seems to be achieving its strategic and economic objectives: the weakening of a pro-Western Ukraine, the isolation of critical armaments industries [PDF] located in the eastern parts of the country—which possess a potential opportunity of being utilized further if any negotiated division of the country were to take place—and finally a reassertion of Russian influence along the fault lines of the century old Russian state influence that had become questionable after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.”

You can read the article in full on the JURIST website.