You said, This Happened: Improvements to U1 & U2 Bus Service

In response to passenger feedback, the following improvements are being introduced to the university bus service from this week:

The U1 Service will run an enhanced term-time service with additional bus services from both campuses.

From the Lansdowne Campus:

  • 8.47am (departing Cranborne House not Dorchester House)
  • 9.43am (departing Dorchester House)
  • 10.43am (departing Dorchester House)

From Talbot Campus:

  • 9.25am (departing Fern Barrow)
  • 10.25am (departing Fern Barrow)

The U2 Service will also operate an enhanced level of service from 3.40pm to 7pm, where the frequency of service will increase to every 30 minutes.

Reece Pope, SUBU’s VP Welfare Officer, said: “The changes made to the bus service is a perfect example of how the voice of students are listened to and acted on here at BU. The University and Morebus have been very happy to listen to your feedback so feel free to contact me if you have any further suggestions on how to improve this service.”

Updated online timetables for the enhanced U1 and U2 services are available here and you can also check timetables and live bus information in our iBU mobile app.

Roadworks impact bus schedules

BU Bus 3Roadworks in our area are continuing to impact on travel times for all road users. The holdups are having a knock-on effect on BU’s bus service, resulting in some buses not running to schedule. There have been a few incidences when the buses are full earlier on during the route and cannot pick up any more passengers.

BU’s travel have been working closely with our bus company – More Bus – to minimise the impact. In the meantime, bus users may wish to consider taking earlier buses to avoid being late for appointments.

U3 Bus Diversion: 5 January – 13 March

The following diversion route will be in operation on the U3 bus route from January 5 to March 13.

All U3 buses will divert from Alma road via Wimborne Road, St Luke’s Road and Stokewood Road, before rejoining Alma Road. The bus stops on Alma Road between Wimborne Road and Stoke Wood Road will not be serviced by the U3.

Please see the map below which highlights the new route.



University Bus Services 2014/15

bus-wifi-bannerFollowing recent feedback from staff and students about the university bus services, some changes have been made to help make your journeys between campuses and around the Bournemouth area easier and more efficient.

These changes will come into effect on Monday 15 September and more information about the different services can be found on the Bus for BU website.

Main changes include:

  • A new Wi-Fi facility will be available on the entire BU bus fleet from 15 September. Passengers just need to connect to BusBU Wifi.
  • During term times the U1 service will operate duplicate services during peak periods between the Lansdowne and Talbot Campuses. These services will terminate at the Wallisdown Road stop, instead of Fern Barrow. Please check the destination blind on the bus before boarding. The U1 service will also operate an increased frequency between 5pm and 7pm.
  • The first U3 service of the day has an earlier departure time from Southbourne and is scheduled to arrive at the Talbot Campus at 8.25am. A new vacation service will also be available, so staff can use this route all year round – please see the timetable for details.
  • The U4 service has extended its evening timetable, with the last bus leaving Talbot Campus at 7.10pm.
  • The U1 vacation service will continue to run a half-hourly service during 2014/15, via the existing route of Wellington Road, Holdenhurst Road and Lansdowne Road. The first service of the day has an earlier departure time from Dorchester House and is scheduled to arrive at the Talbot Campus at 8.23pm. The last service of the day will leave Talbot Campus at 5.30pm.

Fares & Key Card

The current fares, which remain heavily subsidised, remain the same for 2014/15. Students are encouraged to register for a Bus for BU key card, to make paying for travel much easier.

The BU key card can be used on the U1, U2, U3 and U4 as well as the M1, M2 and 15 from more bus.

If you have any questions, please email the Travel Plan Group.

Changes to U3 & U4 Bus Times

From Monday 6 January, changes to the early morning journeys on U3 and U4 will be implemented to ensure reliable arrival times at busTalbot Campus.





The first U3 trip of the day will now leave Southbourne at 7.57am with the second bus leaving at 8.14am. View the the new U3 timetable.

The first U4 trip of the day will no longer start at Seldown car park, but will instead leave Westbourne at 8.25am. This will help to provide a reliable service by allowing the bus sufficient time to travel between the depot and Westbourne. There are no other changes to this timetable. View the new U4 timetable.

Please contact the Travel Plan Group if you have any further queries.