BU Wireless Network Update

cloudIT Services is pleased to announce the wireless service ‘The Cloud’ has been upgraded from the 3 hour limited connection to a 24/7 unlimited connection. The service is available at both campuses and will enable users without a BU account to connect their mobile devices to the internet quickly, easily and free to ‘_The Cloud’ without any time restriction.

IT Services strongly recommend all staff and students ensure their mobile devices are connected to one of the secure BU wireless networks listed below:

  • BU-Staff
  • BU-Student
  • eduroam

Please be aware any mobile devices not connecting to the secure BU wireless networks listed above are on an un-secured wireless network which has a much slower connection and restricted access to the internet.

Please note the commercial wireless solution ‘_The Cloud’ is only recommended to be used by visitors to BU for limited internet usage, such as checking emails and light browsing on the Internet.

You can connect to the appropriate wireless network by viewing the network options on your mobile device, selecting the wireless network BU-Staff or BU-Student and entering your BU username and password.

For more information, please visit http://www.thecloud.net/free-wifi/.

If you have any problems connecting to ‘_The Cloud’ wireless network, please log with the Cloud support 0845 333 0402.