Student surveys email group

BU operates a ‘surveys’ email group to allow you to participate in other students research. Previously all students were enrolled in this group but could choose to ‘opt-out’. Following feedback from students we have changed the way this operates and students now have to choose to receive these emails.

The Student survey email group is a facility for students to send survey requests to for dissertation purposes, this can be a valuable tool if you are at the stage of conducting research. You can join or leave at your own discretion. All email requests for surveys to be published to this group have to be approved by askBU. Please follow the below instructions:

Joining the Group

In student email account:

  • Click Options
  • Select Groups
  • Within the window ‘Public Groups I belong to’ select Join Locate Surveys
  • Click Join, and then Close
  • Then close the Join window.

Leaving the Group

  • Follow the steps above and select Leave instead of Join.

Sending out a Survey

  • Users need to send the request to not You will only be able to see the ‘surveys’ address if you are a member of the surveys group
  • Approval of emails sent to this group are processed by the askBU Student Team – during office hours Monday to Friday.