Over 300 students begin Student Development Award

Over 300 students participated in the Student Development Award Inductions to develop their employability skills and enhance their future career opportunities.

Award students showcase their extra-curricular activities in an e-portfolio that they can then present to potential employers, giving them an advantage in the job market as they stand out from the crowd.

The events, across October and November, include games and hands-on practical exercises as well as opportunities to network with other Award students, Award Coaches and inspirational speakers from within and outside BU.

Sponsors of the Award, JP Morgan and Sheridan Lake Associates, came along to share their vast knowledge and tips on the benefits of presenting evidence of employability skills.

Award Co-ordinator, Sonya Harvey said: “This opportunity enables students to prepare for job applications, giving them confidence in their skills and articulating those experiences in applications and at interviews.

“They will definitely be the ones who succeed through their hard work and dedication.”

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