Save Money with Energy Saving Tips from the BU Sustainability Team

energy_bulbBeing a student is fantastic: cheap drinks; lie-ins all day; no parents; no bedtimes; all night parties – but the Uni experience can often be hindered by a common phase heard around campus……..

“I’m skint!”

One of the major drawbacks of living with your mates in your own house or flat at Uni is the need to start paying energy bills for the first time. Unfortunately, electricity and gas really are that expensive and the more you pay for them, the less money you have to spend on books, pens and folders/kebabs, pints and burgers (depending on your Uni experience).

BU Sustainability Team is on your side and we’ve got some top tips to help you reduce your energy usage…and therefore save you money!

Take it down! – Turn the thermostat down……..jumpers were made for a reason!

Lights out! – If you’re not using the room then why leave the lights on?

Ping it – Microwaves use less energy to cook food than using the oven.

Time for tea? – Boil only the amount of water you need……don’t waste energy boiling water you are not going to use!

Put a ring on it…..well put it on the right ring! – use the right size ring on your hob for your saucepan….don’t waste energy heating a ring that’s too big.

Share a shower…….save some water!

Turn it to 30……….it still gets your clothes clean, not dirty!

Got a dishwasher? (and we don’t mean your housemate!) – use it! Dishwashers are more efficient than washing by hand. Make sure it’s full though!

So get a grip on your energy usage, and turn those pounds into pens/pints/parties!

For more info check out the environment webpages or our Facebook page, and if you’ve got any questions drop us an e-mail