Could you lead SUBU into a new era?

subu_logo_smallThe partnership between SUBU and BU is vital to improving the student experience here at BU. Critical to this are the various SUBU Officers, some full-time, some part-time, who represent YOU. But perhaps YOU could be one of these leaders?

SUBU elections take place soon, so find out below how to nominate yourself or someone else:

  1. Recommend a friend This is a new feature which is a way for any student (or any staff member) to recommend someone for considering standing in the elections. Fill in the form and we will contact them via phone or email with some nice anonymous comments. We will then send them further details about the elections and how to consider nominating themselves.
  2. Youtube videos: We have produced a series of videos about the positions available and more info about the election:
  1. For more information visit the SUBU website or contact: Matt Wall – Representation and Democracy Manager, SUBU

Extension:- 67383
Telephone:- 01202 967383