BU Lecturer works on BBC Radio 4 production

Jo Tyler, Programme Co-ordinator of MA Radio Production at Bournemouth University, has been involved in a stage radio production of the classic ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ as part of BBC Radio 4’s character takeover day.

The production brought the 1978 classic into the 21st century and took place at the BBC Radio Theatre. Jo performed the role of production assistant on the script and assistant director for the Live performance.

Tyler said, “As an experienced live producer it is always fun to push the boundaries of your medium. So when you find yourself running a live stage for radio with a robot, live band and actors for company, that has to be close [to pushing the boundaries]”.

“I’ve been involved with the stage version for two years and this performance marks radio history bringing the show back home to the BBC Radio Theatre in London, with a live audience on air and in the theatre. You have to think carefully about the audience experience in both places and to assist Director Dirk Maggs in achieving this was a privilege. Dirk has always inspired students with his guest lectures, most recently on his ‘Neverwhere’ (Neil Gaiman) adaptation for Radio 4.”

The show which was originally broadcast across multiple platforms, is now available to listen on BBC iPlayer until 4th April 2014.

Radio 4 presenter Jane Garvey helps students relaunch online radio station


Radio 4 presenter Jane Garvey was at Bournemouth University to help students relaunch online radio station BIRSt.

Jane, who is a presenter on the station’s flagship Woman’s Hour programme, opened the first live broadcast by popping a balloon filled with confetti and blowing out the candles on a cake to commemorate the launch.

She was then interviewed by one of the students – covering topics like her career and her love for Liverpool FC and baking.

BIRSt is an online radio station run by MA Radio Production students every year, with each year’s team putting their own take on it.

The station is now in its 14th year, and this year has been completely rebranded – with a new orange colour scheme and a revamped website.

Jane said she was impressed by the work the students had done.

She said: “I think it is really brilliant – they are clearly really passionate about radio – and I thought the interview was great.

“In a way, they are ahead of the game – with the internet, this stuff is accessible, which is what is so great about it. They have got so many more opportunities to be heard.

“I think here, you can take all the creative chances that you might not be able to in the industry.”

BIRSt will run for 24 hours a day online, combining archive material with live broadcasts and packages created by current students.

This year, the students plan to work on new-format specialist programming that can’t be found anywhere else, as well as expanding its music programme and features repertoire.

MA Radio Production student and BIRSt station manager this year Tom Gerken said: “We were keen on trying something really new to inspire our listeners and peers.

“We are just trying to do something which hasn’t typically been done before.

“We want it to be a station where people can experience things which they wouldn’t on any other.

“We want anyone who tunes in to go: ‘that’s weird, I’ve never heard that before’ – hopefully we are going to be giving people something new and brilliant.”

He added that it was great to have someone as high profile as Jane Garvey to help relaunch the station.

“To have someone from Radio 4 come here and be happy to talk to us on air is a great start,” he said.

“We have been tweeting about it all day, so that is hopefully going to help us get listeners from the launch, which is really key.”

Jane also offered advice for anyone hoping to break into the radio industry.

“Be prepared for rejection and don’t stop putting yourself out there constantly,” she said.

“Something that I’m quite passionate about is that you should be open to everything – just because it isn’t your dream job, don’t think you don’t need to do it. Be interested in everything.”

You can listen to BIRSt by visiting www.birst.co.uk and clicking the Listen Now icon. The station can also be found on the TuneIn Radio App on both iOS and Android systems.

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