BU Professor receives Jewel of India award

BU’s Professor Venky Dubey has received the Hind Rattan Award from the NRI Welfare Society of India in recognition of outstanding services, achievements and contributions to his chosen field.

Translated as “Jewel of India”, the award is one of the highest granted annually to a non-resident Indian (NRI) and is considered to be equivalent to an OBE.

Dr Dubey is an Associate Professor within the Faculty of Science and Technology and specialises in robots and medical applications of robotics in particular.

He said: “To receive an award of this order is very satisfying in itself, but the international recognition is simply overwhelming. This external recognition keeps me motivated. I am privileged to have an excellent team of researchers around me without which it would not have happened.”

This is the latest in a series of accolades achieved by Dr Dubey, whose epidural simulator project won the Information Technology category at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Innovation Awards at the end of last year.

The medical device developed by the BU research team and Poole Hospital, will help make epidural injections safer and more effective.