Tourism Authority of Thailand partnership with BU

A delegation from the Tourism Authority of Thailand came to Bournemouth University on 12 March to discuss developing a partnership with our School of Tourism.

The Thai party included Manit Boonchim, the Executive Director of the Planning Department.

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis from the School of Tourism said: “This is a great opportunity for cooperation between Bournemouth University and the Tourism Authority of Thailand. We look forward to the benefits this will bring to our students and academics as we develop this partnership in the future.”

Bournemouth University academics will deliver courses, seminars and conference based on our world-leading research from the School of Tourism. Our students will also have the opportunity to travel to Thailand to work on placements, gaining valuable experience and knowledge that will help boost their careers.

The visit to BU finished with a chance for the delegation of seven from the Tourism Authority to meet with students from Thailand who study at BU.

In the future students from Thailand will work on research at BU on tourism in Thailand, using their knowledge of their home country as a base.

The delegation also heard about BU’s involvement with the National Coastal Tourism Academy and there are plans that a similar academy may be set up in Thailand modelled on this.

Professor Buhalis added: “The visit was a great success and we were very flattered that The Tourism Authority of Thailand travelled to England exclusively to see BU as they recognise us as a global leader in tourism marketing and management.

“We are very pleased to be developing our links in a country known for the quality of its education system, as well as its stunning tourism attractions and friendly people. This partnership will benefit both BU and Thailand going forward.”




Professor Dimitrios Buhalis on Spain’s rising tourism levels

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis, Director of the E-Tourism lab at Bournemouth University, has commented on Spain’s record year for tourism.

His views went on to feature in 13 media outlets including Reuters, Yahoo News and CNBC Online.

Sunseekers avoiding the unrest in Egypt and Turkey flocked to Spain in record numbers last month, setting the country up for its best-ever year for visitors and giving a boost to its ailing economy.

Professor Buhalis put the rise of private rentals in Spain down to the economic crisis. He says that because people have less money they are choosing smaller accommodation and less established airlines for their holidays.

“What’s happening … because of the economic crisis is that people are preferring smaller airlines, smaller hotels and they are paying less,” he said.

Professor Buhalis’ work was also featured in the Business section of the Bournemouth Echo, with a feature on a social media seminar he will run in November.

The seminar will look at how social media is increasingly influencing consumer behaviour, with travellers relying on the guidance of others.

Professor Buhalis said: “Travellers will, more and more, rely on the advice of other travellers as against advertising, guidebooks and printed material” and suggests “marketers should use social media to try to stimulate conversation and encourage interaction”