Some Top Tips for Staying Safe on a Night Out

UniSNTIf you’re planning on enjoying a night out at one of Dorset’s town centres, such as Bournemouth, we want to make sure that you enjoy your night and stay safe.

The Universities’ Safer Neighbourhood Team would like to remind all students the importance of keeping yourselves and your friends safe whilst going out. Please remember to always think of your personal safety and avoid becoming a victim.

We would like to remind you of a few basic tips that will help you to stay safe and enjoy your nights out.

Please remember:

  • Make sure you stay with your friends, especially if they are drunk. Don’t leave them vulnerable and alone
  • Always plan how you’re getting home and ensure you keep money aside for a licensed taxi or bus
  • Never walk home alone and don’t go home with someone you barely know
  • Don’t drink to the extent that affects your judgement.

Visit our safety & personal security web pages or the Dorset Police website for further information.