Professor Dimitrios Buhalis on how to get a good holiday deal

Professor in Travel and Tourism Dimitrios Buhalis gave advice on how and when to get the best holiday deals on BBC Radio 4 consumer programme You and Yours.

The British Association of Travel Agents say that the market for package holidays is growing again, with more young people choosing to go for ready made package deals instead of creating their own online.

Professor Buhalis said that there are several market conditions that are leading people to go back to package holidays.

“There’s a measure of safety and security,” he said. “They feel the tour operator can look after them in case of emergencies.”

He said that the first principle for getting a good package deal was thinking about demand and supply.

“If you can go against the flow, for example, avoid the school holidays or go to places where there is not an awful lot of demand, it’s very likely that you are going to get some bargains out there.”

He added that the earlier you can book a holiday, the better deal you are likely to get – especially if you are looking to go to one particular destination.

“There are still going to be some bargains at the last minute, but they may be in places that you would not necessarily like to travel to,” he told presenter Winifred Robinson.

He also advised to look at the tour operators’ websites to see what offers are available, and to try ringing hotels directly to see if you can negotiate a better price or get extras for your money.

Listen to the full interview on You and Yours