BU MA Journalism graduate wins BBC Student Innovation Award


A Master’s journalism graduate from Bournemouth University has won a BBC Student Innovation Award for his work looking at ethnic tensions in Kosovo.

Joshua Longmore, who recently completed the MA Multimedia Journalism degree at BU, was awarded the accolade by the BBC College of Journalism, for his multimedia project Crossing the Bridge.

Joshua undertook the project as part of his MA course, going undercover in northern Kosovo to explore the ethnic tensions that exist between Albanians and Serbians in an area called Mitrovica.

“Crossing the Bridge is an in-depth multimedia project exploring ethnic tensions in Kosovo between its ethnic Albanians and Serbs as the Brussels Talks sought to normalise relations between Pristina and Belgrade,” said Joshua, 26.

“I actually completed my undergraduate degree dissertation on nationalism in Kosovo, so when the talks started towards the end of my MA, I thought it would be a great opportunity to take everything I’d learned and apply it in the field of independent foreign reporting.”

Joshua filming out in Kosovo

Joshua filming out in Kosovo

The final project consists of a website which includes video footage and audio interviews, alongside text and photography explaining the situation in the region and its history.

Joshua faced a number of challenges while working on it out in Kosovo, but said he is “really proud” of the final piece of work.

“Taking on such a big project by myself was really challenging,” he said.

“It took months and months or preparation and execution. However, filming and just practicing journalism in northern Mitrovica, still a volatile part of Kosovo, was difficult.

“I crossed into the Serbian-controlled north with some Albanians to interview an inter-ethnic couple, which was fairly dangerous.

“The whole thing has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to carry out though.”

Judges for the BBC College of Journalism’s Student Innovation Award praised Joshua’s work – describing it as “a strong, comprehensive and atmospheric piece of story-telling” with “excellent original content which demonstrates a high degree of multi-skilling and innovation.”

Joshua, who has recently secured a position as a broadcast assistant for new local TV platform London Live, said he was pleased to receive the accolade and exposure for his work.

“I’m enormously proud of winning this award and having my first piece of independent foreign reporting recognised by the BBC. Some really important people at the BBC have seen my work which can only do me good in the future.”

Joshua received around £1,250 from BU’s Global Horizons Fund to work on the project, which allowed him to travel to Kosovo and pay for things like flights, accommodation and a translator.

He said “I literally couldn’t have done this project without the support of Bournemouth University, both from the Global Horizons Fund and my course tutors. It’s been an amazing experience.”

Visit the Crossing The Bridge project website