BU’s Ken Brown speaks on changing age of jurors

Bournemouth University’s Lecturer in Law, Ken Brown, featured on BBC Radio Solent, talking about the UK government’s decision to increase the age that jurors can be called up from 70 to 75.

Ken gave his opinion on two occasions to BBC Radio Solent, saying, “When someone reaches 70 when and does not feel able to sit in a jury it would be possible for that person to opt out if someone does not feel as if they can do their job as a juror to the professional standard”

However would the age rise really be a good idea? Brown explained that older people have lots of experience in the profession and rich experience in what life is all about and that should be utilised.

He expresses how older people can still contribute to society, with Brown being 81 and still lecturing law at BU.

“The present eighty is the previous sixty and people at the age of sixty are still think of themselves in the forty bracket nowadays”, Brown added. “I don’t feel 81 years of age, I have wonderful students and they give an awful lot to me, they’re young, they’re vibrant and they have a future.”

Dean Eastmond

Dean is a student at Budmouth College in Weymouth, who is working at Bournemouth University in the Press and PR Department. He joined BU on a Sir Samuel Mico Scholarship, which provides 10 students from his college with essential work experience for four weeks over the summer.