Hotel manager encourages others to employ BU students part-time


A hotel manager is encouraging other businesses to think about taking on Bournemouth University students part-time.

Tim Seward, general manager of the Hinton Firs Hotel, took on three Bournemouth University students after having a stall at a Part-time Jobs Fair on BU’s Talbot Campus in September.

Students Emily Lloyd, James Levy and Anthony Murray now work in a variety of roles at the 52-bed hotel on Manor Road – including waiting tables in the hotel restaurant, working as a bar porter, on reception and helping out with the hotel entertainment.

Mr Seward said it was the first time he had taken on BU students, and he had been impressed by their dedication and work ethic.

“The three of them are brilliant at what they do. They are an asset to the university, to the hotel and to themselves,” he said.

“They have just really excelled themselves. They are mature, they have got something about them and they want to have a job and do well.”

He added: “My advice to other hotels and businesses would be to go for it.

“When I went to the Jobs Fair on campus, I was absolutely swamped by students.

“I would definitely do it again, because it’s an easy way of finding staff. You can pay so much money to jobs sites, when you don’t need to – there are potential staff out there.”

The students fit in shifts at the hotel around their studies, and feel they have gained in skills and confidence since taking on the job.

James, who is in his first year of a BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance degree course at BU has been working as a waiter at the hotel since January.

He said: “The hotel is really good and will give you time off to see your family and before exams to revise.

“I feel like I can now speak to anyone and my social skills and communication have improved.”

First year BSc (Hons) Forensic Investigation student Anthony Murray found the job within two weeks of arriving at BU from his home in Ireland.

While working as a barman and waiter, he has made the most of networking opportunities at the hotel and made key contacts for his future career.

“I’ve grown in confidence since working here – I can network with people and communicate effectively, which will help me in the future when I have to do things like giving evidence in court,” said Anthony, 25, who also helps out on the hotel’s reception and with entertainment.

“I have already met people who could help with my future career, and they have been very willing to help me with questions about my assignments and finding placements.”

He added: “Everybody is lovely and everyone is so interested to talk about your life and what you’re doing.”

Emily, a second year BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance student added that she enjoys the social aspect of the job as well.

“It’s been great to meet people and I have made some good friends working here. My social life in the first year wasn’t that good, but now working here, we go out with everyone and get on really well.

“I found the Jobs Fair really useful – I had searched for jobs and had jobs with agencies, but I saw Tim in The Atrium and said ‘Can I have a job please?'”

As well as attending events on campus, employers can post job vacancies and opportunities online.

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