You Said, This Happened: Improved IT Services website

Over the past year students from the Media School have been working with BU’s IT Services to create a new website, making information easier to access and navigate.

The IT Services team reviewed student feedback that had been shared at Student Experience Forums, by SUBU Student Reps and via enquiries to the IT Service Desk in the last academic year.

Keys areas for improvement included providing up-to-date information, the ability to view the site on mobile devices as well as making it easier to contact IT Services and receive updates.

Much of that feedback has informed the information and structure for a new website as well as the design and layout. Phil Downes, Web Development Manager at BU, told us:

“We wanted to update our online support so that students can find information easily, quickly, and wherever or whenever they need it.”

It’s now possible for students to sign up for alerts about any outages or planned maintenance, as well as view a ‘live service status’ to monitor major online services (e.g. myBU, timetables) and know if any are experiencing issues.

“We’ve made it easier to find out about the products we offer, access advice for the different types of issues students may experience and log an IT job and track its progress,” Phil continued.

“We also saw this as a great opportunity to have students involved in, not just the user research, but also the website creation. A number of students from The Media School were given the requirements and brand guidelines and were tasked with creating the design. IT Services worked with the students to refine the design and build the new site. User testing was carried out by both staff and students to make sure it was easy to use and navigate.”

Phil added “This joint approach has helped us make sure the site meets students’ needs as well as giving the students experience or working to brand guidelines and as part of a development team.”

Check out the website, and bookmark it!

We encourage all students to share their feedback – one way to do this is through SUBU’s Ideas Forum.