Benefits of studying part-time at BU featured in The Guardian

A Guardian article looking at the benefits of studying part-time featured Bournemouth University.

The article, by Sarah Jewell, discussed the career benefits of doing a part-time degree alongside working.

It quoted 50-year-old Peter Elliot, who is doing a part-time BA (Hons) degree course in International Business and Management at BU alongside working full-time as a deputy director of operations in the sports industry.

He said he chose the course at BU because it offered “great flexibility” and that communication with the university was “impressive from the start”.

He does the course online, and added that he hoped that it will benefit his current job and “open doors” in the future.

He added that, while it can be hard work, he would recommend part-time learning to others.

“You do need to have time management skills – you need to have the dedication to be able to really apply yourself – but it’s worth it,” he said.

Milena Bobeva, programme coordinator for the online Business and Management courses at BU, was also quoted in the article.

She said that the courses were geared to offer maximum support to students, and that unit tutors were always on hand “to help sort out any problems.”

She added: “All our learning is done online through a virtual learning environment with online discussion forums, video recordings and electronic books, and there is a strong online peer-to-peer support network.”

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