Heartbleed Vulnerability

heartbleedThis week the media have reported on a major IT security flaw at the heart of the Internet, which may have been exposing users’ personal information and passwords to hackers, known as the Heartbleed bug.

In reaction to this, and to ensure our systems are secure, BU’s IT Services has performed a vulnerability assessment, and where necessary has upgraded certain systems.

If you are concerned about your personal accounts or whether a particular service has been affected, more information can be found here. Alternatively, you can contact your IT service desk for advice.

Our advice is, and always will be, to change your passwords regularly, do not use the same password on multiple services and adopt strong but easy to remember passwords. Please refer to the BU password policy for guidance.

A tip for creating a strong but easy to remember password – choose four random (unrelated) words that you can visualise, combined with one or more of following: (¬`!”£$%^&*()-_=+{}[]:;@’~#<,>.?/|\).