Golf leader and sports coach receive BU Honorary Doctorates

A prominent international leader in golf and the sports coach credited with helping the England team win the Rugby World Cup have received Honorary Doctorates from Bournemouth University.

Prominent leader in golf and leisure management, writer and consultant Eddie Bullock and sports performance coach David Alred received their awards at the graduation ceremony for the School of Tourism.

Eddie, who received a Doctor of Business Administration from BU, has worked closely with the university – helping to support and mentor students.

“It was a huge surprise to me when I first was notified, so I’m very honoured and very privileged,” he said.

“To be honoured by Bournemouth University is exceptionally special to me. We’ve got a great group of students here on the golf programme and I’m involved heavily with mentoring and guiding them through.

“I’m a great advocate for more education within golf management and Bournemouth University is certainly at the fore to develop that and to be able to guide them through that from the academic side to the practical side.”

His advice to graduating students was to keep pushing themselves and remain passionate about what they do.

“My words of wisdom are really just to be passionate about what you do, to have fun, be innovative, be creative.

“Nothing gets any better than hard work and making sure you get out there and do your very, very best. Whatever you do today, always improve by 1 per cent tomorrow.”

Also receiving an Honorary Doctorate during the School of Tourism graduation ceremony was sports psychologist and performance coach David Alred MBE.

David, who received an honorary Doctor of Education award, is one of the world’s most renowned kicking coaches, credited with training Jonny Wilkinson and the England rugby team to victory in the 2003 world cup.

David was awarded an MBE for services to rugby in 2004 and said that he was pleased to be receiving his BU Honorary Doctorate alongside the graduating students.

“It was really good but also, almost more importantly, to be part of that cohort of students, that have got over that first threshold of their degree.

“I’m just hoping that they see that as the beginning of something new, rather than the end of something, and if I’ve got that across maybe to a small percentage, then it’s been a massively worthwhile day.

He added that he wanted the graduates to remain passionate about learning.

“You never stop learning – and if somebody asks you to do something that you’ve never done before, that’s the reason for doing it,” he said.

“That’s something that goes into your bank of expertise that no course, no academic qualification can ever give you and that adds to the richness of how you can perform and you’ll get better.”

More than 5,000 graduates from across Bournemouth University were handed their degree certificates in six different ceremonies at the Bournemouth International Centre.

Professor John Vinney, vice-chancellor of Bournemouth University, said: “Bournemouth University takes great pride in our Honorary Graduates.

“We recognise people who have excelled in their chosen field who will act as inspirational role models, both for our graduates and their families at the awards ceremonies and for our whole student body in the coming years.”