BU NCCA featured in 3D world magazine

A feature article about Bournemouth University was published in 3D world magazine highlighting the success of its National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA) courses.

BU “has garnered a reputation as one of the best schools in the UK for anybody with an interest in VFX, animation and creating games. There is nothing more telling than the accolades that graduates and lecturers receive, and Bournemouth is proud to boast more than a few awards for projects it is connected with”.

“Most recently many members of the staff and student body have worked on the Oscar-winning blockbuster Gravity”. Over 60 BU alumni worked on the visual effects for the film at London-based Framestore.

Framestore’s Anna Swift says “we are so thrilled to be celebrating Gravity’s success, which is testament to the commitment and skill of our talented staff, including Bournemouth University graduates”

Adam Redford, Senior practice fellow of the NCCA at Bournemouth University said “A lot of the tools and techniques used in the creation of the VFX for Gravity are being taught in NCCA classrooms every day. The NCCA at BU has a great reputation for producing graduates that go on to achieve amazing success in the feature film VFX industry all over the world”.

BU offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes specialising in computer visualisation and animation. For more information please visit the NCCA website.

BU graduates’ work on film Gravity featured in 3D Total

The work of BU graduates on the visual effects for Oscar-nominated film Gravity was featured in an article in 3D Total.

London-based effects house Framestore worked on the visual effects for the film, which has been nominated for both the Oscar and BAFTA for visual effects, and the article highlights that a number of graduates from the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA) at BU hold key positions at the company and worked on Gravity.

The article includes interviews with NCCA graduates including Ian Comley, who is now Framestore’s look development lead and worked on making sure that the texture and lighting of the effects in Gravity were as realistic as possible.

He said: “My year at Bournemouth was packed with lectures ranging from cinematography, through animation and rendering to the mathematics for inverse kinematics.”

Also interviewed was one of Framestore’s resident paint and roto artists, David J Nolan, who completed the MA in Digital Effects at BU.

David, whose work on Gravity involved converting live action sequences to 3D formats, said: “Framestore decided to open an outpost office in Bournemouth, and I was hired as a junior paint and roto artist,

“This meant that I hit the ground running immediately after finishing at the NCCA and was able to put my new-found knowledge into practice, working on some very big projects.”

Another graduate featured in the article was Framestore’s digital modelling supervisor Ben Lambert, who helped oversee all of the visual effects for the film.

He graduated from the BA in Computer Visualization and Animation at the NCCA in 1999, and said his time at Bournemouth University was invaluable.

“The course gave me a very broad overview of all areas of 3D and animation,” he said.

“I think it’s important for artists to have a wide range of skills and versatility, it means they can work at both larger and smaller studios. I think the programming aspects of the course have surprised me with how much I’ve had to now use in my day-to-day job.”

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