Important: New Procedure Relating to Third Party Involvement

bu-logoPlease note that the University has now published a new procedure relating to third party involvement which will apply to University procedures that include, but is not limited to, Academic and Non-Academic Complaints, Appeals, Fitness to Practice/Study, Disciplinary and Welfare procedures.

From May 2015, this process is implemented with immediate effect. Further details are outlined below and within the document itself, which is available on the Student Portal under Rules and Regulations, so please take a moment and understand what this means for you.

The Third Party Involvement document and all other regulations, policies and procedures concerning students can be accessed throughout the year on the Student Portal at the same location should you need to consult them. If you find you have a query in relation to any of the documents, please discuss these with the relevant member of your course team, your administrator or the SUBU Advice team.

11L – Third Party Involvement: Procedure

Bournemouth University recognises that you may wish to be advised, supported or represented by a third party during formal University processes.

For the purposes of this procedure, a third party is defined as a person who is not directly involved in the issues relating to the formal processes but who is advising, supporting or representing you through the process.

Whilst the University strongly encourages you to represent yourself and to communicate directly with the University on all matters including those relating to formal University procedures, you may prefer to appoint a representative. However, if a third party representative is explicitly acting on your behalf, the University will only recognise them following your express written permission as per the procedure via completion of the Third Party Representative form.

However, a Third Party Representative form is not required if you are representing yourself and you are seeking advice or support from a third party (e.g. SUBU Advice). It is also not required if you wish to give consent for the University to discuss your case with a third party (e.g. a parent).