Reminder: Importance of fire safety

Following a fire in our Lyme Regis Halls of Residence last week, you’re reminded that fire safety procedures have been put in place for the safety of you and those you live and study with. They should be observed at all times.

If you hear a fire alarm, exit the building calmly and swiftly. A fire alarm is only raised for a specific reason: tests (to ensure you’re prepared), risk of a fire hazard or a fire. Each alarm should be treated as a real fire.

At all other times, fire doors should remain closed and fire exits should be kept clear. Please do not tamper with, move or cover any fire equipment including: extinguishers, smoke sensors and alarms. Fire procedures are clearly displayed in all buildings related to Bournemouth University so please familiarise yourself with them, as well as the nearest exits and muster points.

The incident at Lyme Regis House was dealt with by the Fire and Rescue Service. There were no injuries and damage was limited to one room. The pictures below show how quickly a fire can spread and how much damage can be caused – so think about how you can prevent fires in your own room and remain vigilant of any potential fire hazards. In this case, the fire door prevented the spread of the fire to other rooms in the flat and building, and the alarm was raised due to the smoke sensor working – tampering with these mechanisms can cause the spread of fire and could lead to prosecution.

If you have any questions about our fire procedures, or would like more information about fire safety, please visit the Fire Safety pages of the Student Portal.