Dr Kate Murphy on Woman’s Hour special

Dr Kate Murphy joined a panel of experts for a special edition of Woman’s Hour.

Woman’s Hour presenter Jane Garvey hosted the Bank Holiday special programme about women in the 1920’s though it was Kate, a Senior Lecturer in Radio Production at BU, who came up with the idea for the 45 minute special.

Kate was joined on the panel by Baroness Shirley Williams, social historian Juliet Gardiner and author Virginia Nicholson as they discussed topics such as equal voting, increasing freedom with careers and even women who worked for the BBC in its early days.

Talking on the show about women in the early years of the BBC (on which she researches), Kate said, “It was a prestigious place to work, the BBC. The BBC was a very modern organisation; if you were a salaried woman you actually got equal pay and equal salary opportunities.”

You can listen to the Woman’s Hour special again, including Kate’s thoughts on women in the 1920s on the BBC Website.