BU Prosopagnosia research in The Telegraph

A feature on BU’s research into prosopagnosia was included in The Daily Telegraph.

The article, focussing on 14–year–old Hannah Ray*, talks about what living with prosopagnosia is like, while the work undertaken by Bournemouth University researcher Dr Sarah Bate is also featured.

In the article, Dr Bate says, “Normally, people look at the key features – eyes, nose, mouth – and our brains identify the differences. But Hannah scans faces at random.”

The article continues to talk about Hannah’s condition and the work that she has been doing with Sarah to try and improve her face recognition skills. Sarah continued, “It’s likely that ‘flooding’ Hannah’s brain with images has helped her focus on faces in general – and taught her to look for features that are useful in recognition.”

Concluding the article, Dr Bate said, “Hannah is one of 50 patients we have worked with on this project and we hope further training will help her make more progress in future.”

To find out more about Dr Bate’s work with prosopagnosia you can visit her website – prosopagnosiaresearch.org – and to find out more about Hannah and her condition you can watch the CBBC programme ‘My Life: Who are you?’ which focusses on Hannah’s story. The programme airs on Tuesday 26 March 2013 at 5.45pm

*Hannah’s surname was changed for the Telegraph interview – the same surname has been used for this article.

To read the article in full please visit The Telegraph news story.

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