Charities unite for Social Media strategy workshops

A project to help charities create a social media strategy has started at Bournemouth University.

BU’s Creative Enterprise Bureau (CEB) worked in collaboration with BU students, local charities and local digital agency Adido to combine skills and knowledge of social media.

The project started with a workshop delivered by social media experts to introduce the idea of having a social media strategy and the benefits of social media, as well as sharing some social media best practice.

A number of the students will then work with the charities as mentors to provide feedback and guidance on their social media strategy and content plans. Representatives from Adido and BU will also continue to be involved with the charities as they progress their social media content plans.

Dr Ana Adi, a lecturer in marketing and corporate communication at Bournemouth University, led on the project and said, “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase what we teach as a group as well as for the students to find an immediate avenue to implement what they have learned as part of our courses. The collaboration with the local agency brings us industry recognition for what we do as well.”

Charities involved in the project include Dorset Mind, Bournemouth Gateway Club, Dorset Blind Association, Diverse Abilities Plus, Dorset Mental Health Forum, and Streetwise & Safewise.