BU Sports Development Expedition 2016

camps-internationalSportBU are joining up with Camps International again this academic year, offering students the opportunity to work with rural communities in Kenya to develop a sports festival in the local school.

Barry Squires, SportBU, who has organised a presentation evening on 8 October about the 2016 expedition says: “This is a fantastic opportunity for any BU student to experience something many of us will never have the chance to. We’re looking for students who are enthusiastic, motivated and want to develop themselves as global citizens. There’s also financial support available from BU’s Global Horzions Fund to help make this possible. There’s no set limit of the number of students who can go, and we welcome applications from students of all backgrounds and courses.”

The group of students on the 2015 Expedition visited Camp Tanga in Tanzania for four weeks from mid-August earlier this year. Adam Arthur, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy student, says:  “When I first signed up for this trip I was hoping for an experience of a life time and I am delighted to say I have achieved this. In coming to this area where the only challenge in life is survival  I am proud to say I have helped to improve the lives of many of the school children and helped a head teacher to reintroduce sport into their curriculum at Boma Primary School so we can leave behind a SDX legacy. On a personal note I have gained many new experiences and feel as if I have grown as a person and in character in coming on this trip”.

Scott Wilkes, BSc (Hons) Sports Development & Coaching Sciences student, adds “This was the first time I had ever experienced anything like this and therefore had no idea what to expect. Speaking to the kids and getting to know them really makes you appreciate everything you have at home”.

Josh Green, fellow BSc (Hons) Sports Development & Coaching Sciences student shared: “this trip has helped me mature both as a person and as a sports coach and will help me improve my standard of coaching in the future – eel like the school has benefitted a huge amount from our efforts which made the whole thing worthwhile”.

The team have put together a blog of their collective experiences in the hope it encourages other students to get involved. Here’s a short extract about some of the practical elements of the project:

“The places you go are different to what you normally visit. The time you spend here will provide you with an unforgettable memory that will stay with you for many years. Watching the football and netball teams play helped us gain a better understanding of their needs and ability which we would soon be coaching. Theory lessons were introduced to ensure all the students were aware of international rules, to help compliment there technical and physical ability.”

As well as the work with the community and school, the group did have some down time at the weekends: “These are our days to come together as a group and enjoy what Tanzania has to offer. What is great about these times is that the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of activities such as, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling, and venturing to the nearby towns to spend nights out the African way. These were our periods in the trip after working hard for the kids throughout the weekdays to come together to celebrate and experience Africa. They can also be a chance to catch up on much deserved R and R on the beach topping up that tan or join the villagers to cook their local favourite dishes”.

Read the groups full blog on Camps International and watch the video on BU’s YouTube channel.

To find out more, go along to the presentation evening on Thursday 8 October at 7.15pm in the Lawrence lecture theatre, Talbot Campus. If you can’t attend, visit Barry in SportBU, or look on MyCareerHub for details.