Think Before You Click

cyber-security-1Due to the open nature of our environment, BU is one of many organisations targeted with spam and phishing emails – these are designed to look as though they come from banks, credit card companies, online shops and auctions, as well as other trusted organisations.

These emails are designed to encourage you to open the attachments or click on links which then deliver threats (Malware). These threats are constantly being developed to beat our own counter security measures.

The threats cause considerable harm to individuals, as they attempt to steal personal identifiable information and ultimately have a huge impact on the university’s IT operations.

IT Services urges all staff and students to protect themselves – and the university – by taking time to be vigilant before opening attachments or clicking on links from unknown sources.

To find out more about these types of threats and how to protect yourself and others, please head to Get Safe Online or contact BU’s Cyber Security Unit.

National Security: Advancing Capabilities to Meet Current and Future Threats

On Thursday 3rd July, the BU Cyber Security Unit (BUCSU) will be exhibiting at the National Security: Advancing Capabilities to Meet Current and Future Threats conference in London.

The conference will offer delegates an opportunity to investigate the key threats and risks to the UK’s national security. They will also learn of the latest developments in developing the UK’s cyber security and the role technology can play in protecting infrastructure and ensuring business and service continuity.

Facing the issue of developing the UK’s cyber security, there are two important areas which need to be tackled – the shortage of security practitioners and the increasing skills gap between existing knowledge and new cyber threats.

In response to these issues, BUCSU will be launching at the conference its ‘job retention through education plan’.

The unit is already working closely with the Police and there is traction to work with other government agencies too; this conference will provide an excellent opportunity to engage with these agencies and UK businesses.  See more on the blog.

Cyber Crime – It won’t happen to me!

Bournemouth University’s Cyber Security Unit (BUCSU) is holding a number of free events to help businesses protect themselves against cyber crime.

The dedicated unit, established at Bournemouth University, is developing its conference and events programme – building on a successful event, which ran earlier in the year, delivered to police and crime prevention officers across the South West region.

Free events with guest speakers are running throughout May, and there will be a whole day event as part of the university’s Festival of Learning on Thursday 12 June about protecting assets against cyber attacks.

Bournemouth University continues to work alongside SMEs, entrepreneurs and early stage start-ups who see value in protecting and growing their online business by having effective cyber security. This is in addition to larger organisations such as the police and practitioners involved in the investigation of cyber-crime.

There are a number of ways businesses large and small can tap into the expertise Bournemouth University has on this topic including funding initiatives, such as cyber security innovation vouchers.

To find out more about the BU Cyber Security Unit and what it offers please contact Lucy Rossiter at

Visit the BU Cyber Security Unit website.