BU Psychology lecturer gives top tips for improving memory

Psychology lecturer Dr Andy Johnson contributed his top tips for a features in a number of newspapers about ‘turbo-charging’ your memory.

The articles featured 25 ways to improve memory, following comedian Billy Connelly’s confession that he suffers from bouts of memory loss while on stage – sometimes forgetting the punchlines to his jokes.

Andy’s top tips for improving memory, among those from other experts, were featured in the Daily Mirror, the Scottish Daily Record and The Times of India.

His suggestions include associating a memory with an environment, using things like a particular smell or aroma to help trigger the memory.

He added: “More simply, when in an exam, I advise my students to visualise the place in which they were revising as a cue to memory.”

Other advice from Andy included learning things before you go to bed.

“The best way to ‘consolidate a memory’ is to go through the information just before going to sleep,” he explained.

“This is because there are fewer ‘new’ interfering memories so you will remember it better the next day.”

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