Media directory

The BU PR team can help journalists access the right academic expert to provide up-to-date commentary in a wide range of specialist subjects.

BU academics are widely recognised for their in-depth knowledge of their chosen fields and their ability to communicate effectively with a diverse audience.

Download BU’s Media Directory (PDF – 1.5mb)

To access a key BU academic, please contact the University’s PR Team.

Read about BU’s 100+ Media Directory being featured in an article in The Times.

Research Centres

BU is building on its research strengths and potential through Centres of Research which are focused on specific areas of interest.

These multi-disciplinary, professionally-related centres are gaining national and international recognition.

They are excellent sources for generating media stories and linking possible media opportunities to BU’s key academics and areas of expertise.

Research Online

BU has developed one of the UK’s largest and most comprehensive web-based repositories for peer-reviewed research papers and other academic outputs.

Bournemouth University Research Online (BURO) is open to anyone to search.