Mid unit assessment

Posted on Friday, November 7 2014

This week all BU students will be asked to complete a short assessment of each course unit currently being studied.

This is an opportunity to share feedback about your units of study, while you’re still studying them. There are seven core questions focusing on resources, feedback and assessment, teaching, support and advice. Depending on your unit, you may also be asked to give feedback on other areas.

You’ll be asked to rate each question on a scale of categories where you ‘definitely agree’ to ‘definitely disagree’. The two categories of ‘definitely agree’ and ‘mostly agree’ are combined and demonstrate overall agreement with the statement and that you are satisfied on that point. Answers in the other three categories demonstrate that you do not agree with the statement and are not satisfied on that point (the middle answer isn’t neutral).

The surveys will be brought to lectures for you to complete. Your lecturers will share a summary of the collective unit feedback on myBU during semester one.