The new AGCAS video for disabled students and graduates

Posted on Thursday, July 24 2014

The Disability Task Group has announced the release of ‘Get that Job’, the new AGCAS video for disabled students and graduates, which is aimed at supporting students and graduates in their transition from university into employment.

The video is available on MyCareerHub and looks at the following areas,

  • identifying disability-friendly employers
  • applying for work
  • disclosing a disability
  • adjustments in the workplace

Get that Job features opinion from disabled graduates who discuss their experiences of moving from university into their jobs. They talk through their feelings and experiences of the recruitment process, the pros and cons of the notoriously grey area of disclosure, as well as their advice for present students.

To assist present students with finding the right employer and the transition into the workplace the video also shows the perspective of employers from different sectors, a specialist Disability Careers Adviser and a representative of the not-for-profit organisation EmployAbility.

Additionally the video also looks at adjustments in the workplace. Although need in this area vary hugely depending on the individual, some of the graduates discuss those they have in place. For adjustments where there may be a cost, there is also information and advice on obtaining funding.