BU Animation Graduates looking to Kickstart their own project

Posted on Tuesday, June 24 2014


A group of MA 3D Computer Animation graduates from the class of 2010/11 and 2011/12, have formed a new digital cooperative called BRILLIANA.

With a Kickstarter campaign launched this week for their first animation entitled “The Lost Romance of Elizabeth Linley”, the cooperative is based at the digital production house, London Animation Studio.

The project focuses on the 3D computer animation portrayal of 18th century pop star Thomas Gainsborough’s work.

The BRILLIANA group’s three minute computer animation will digitally deconstruct Gainsborough’s portraits of Elizabeth Linley, a famous societal woman who was something of a celebrity when it came to societal men. The animation aims to strike a balance between contemporary and the original beauty of some Gainsborough’s ultimate works.

The BRILLIANA group includes Leo Crane, Emanuela Gatto, Evelina Jeliazkova, Arda Kaya Iuliia Markina, Jonathan Toomey, Colin Tunnicliffe and Archit Vazé.

Director Leo, set up the company in January 2013.

“One of the great joys of studying at Bournemouth was forming a close group of friends who have continued to work together as professionals. This is in spite of the fact that our year was hugely international, with eight people from six different countries.

We were encouraged to work collaboratively at Bournemouth and this has instilled in us an understanding of how much we can achieve when we combine forces. It has also taught us valuable lessons about pipeline and project management, which we are now testing in this project.”

Project member Emanuela Gatto describes the journey so far with BRILLIANA.

“I am glad every day that I got that decision to apply to the Master course in 3D Computer Animation at Bournemouth University, not just because I started there my career as Animator, but also because I met the most creative and inspiring persons from all over the globe.

During the Master we learnt to develop our ideas, covering all the aspects of the production pipeline, we tested different approaches and experimented personal styles, always pushing to achieve quality results. At the same time we learnt a lot from each other and from our different backgrounds. We shared our enthusiasm, helping each other through such a much positive collaboration that we could say that BRILLIANA began just there, before we could even realised”.

The graduates are working in collaboration with, Andrew Hayes, whose band ‘The Unrecorded’, is providing the music and sound design. The Dulwich Picture Gallery amongst others is also helping by providing high resolution images of Gainsborough’s paintings translated directly into film. The deadline for funding for the project is Saturday July 19 2014.

For more information or to pledge your support go to the Kickstarter website.