We’re supporting the Nursing Times Speak out Safely Campaign

Posted on Tuesday, May 20 2014

SOSlogo200Our School of Health and Social Care are supporting the Nursing Times Speak out Safely campaign which encourages NHS organisations and independent healthcare providers to develop cultures that are honest and transparent, to actively encourage staff to raise the alarm when they see poor practice, and to protect them when they do so.

We encourage our students and staff to raise concerns about poor practice or wrongdoing by following our whistleblowing concerns protocol, knowing that these concerns will be supported, investigated and acted upon accordingly.

The pledge

This Nursing & Health Care School supports the Nursing Times Speak Out Safely campaign. This means we want every member of our staff and students to feel able to raise concerns about wrongdoing or poor practice when they see it and confident that their concerns will be addressed in a constructive way.

We promise that where staff or students identify a genuine patient safety concern, we will support them, help them to ensure their concern is fully investigated and, if appropriate, act on their concern. We will also give them feedback about how service providers have responded to the issue they have raised, as soon as possible.

Whether you are a staff member, or a student, please speak up when you feel something is wrong. We want you to be able to Speak Out Safely. Visit the Nursing Times website for more details on our pledge.