Possible Action Short of Strike Action

Posted on Monday, April 14 2014

BU has been made aware that due to the on-going national dispute around the 2013/14 national pay negotiations for university employees, the University and College Union (UCU) is planning to ask members to escalate its continuous action short of a strike from 28 April 2014, in support of the trade unions’ Higher Education national claim regarding pay.

We understand that the escalated action will take the form of a boycott of all marking, course work, assignments and examinations.

We hope that the current national negotiations will enable UCU to decide not to proceed and should emphasise currently we have not yet received formal notification of this action from UCU.  However, in the event that the action goes ahead, our aim as always will be to minimise the impact on students and as a result the schools are planning to address this.

Students are asked to contact their Programme Administrator or Faculty/Academic School administration office in the event of any concerns.

BU is keen to stress that this is a national dispute and it does not endorse the strike action and has asked academic staff to ensure that any potential effects on students are minimised.

This action is as a result of the dispute raised by the trade unions in relation to the employers final pay offer of 1% for 2012/13. Attempts to resolve the dispute at a national level which included meetings with ACAS, an organisation devoted to preventing and resolving employment disputes, failed to reach a resolution.

Whilst the trade unions advised the Employers Association (UCEA) that they remain in dispute and this could not be resolved without an increase in the final pay offer, UCEA have been clear that this is not within their mandate and have since advised the trade unions that the 13/14 negotiations are closed.

We are aware that the Unions are currently in discussions with the employers association in respect of the national negotiations for 2014/15 and hope that these discussions will result in UCU deciding not to proceed on this basis.

We will keep you informed of any further updates as and when they become available.  If you have any questions please contact your Faculty or Academic School administration office.