Dr Miles Russell on BBC 2 Archaeology programme

Posted on Wednesday, April 2 2014

Dr Miles Russell, Archaeology Lecturer at Bournemouth University recently appeared on the BBC 2 programme ‘Border Country: The Story of Britain’s Lost Middleland’.

Russell discussed how Britain looked before the Romans arrived. “Before the Romans arrived, do you think there would have been a clear dramatic difference between what we now call Scotland and what we now call England? No. There’s now real difference” said Russell.

He went on to say “boundaries are a much more modern concept, the idea of fixed impenetrable borders between one civilisation and another”.

“I think a Roman coming here would see this as primitive because they’re used to lights. They’re used to painted walls and nice solid floors and they would see the mud floor, thatched roofs, the daubed walls and really the tribal nature of society itself as being very backwards”.

You can view the programme again on iPlayer.