Student Finance England application service for continuing students is now open!

Posted on Tuesday, March 25 2014

typingIf you’re continuing your studies in the 2014/15 academic year, you can now re-apply to Student Finance England (SFE) at

SFE has advised us that this year’s online application has been designed with significant input from students, making it quicker and easier to apply for funding, as well as being straightforward to navigate and understand.

Their advice is not to wait! The sooner you apply, the earlier an assessment can be completed to ensure that your finance is in place for the new academic year.

Our Finance team will soon be emailing all students with details of the 2014/15 tuition fee to ensure you claim for the correct amount – you’ll have to pay for any difference if you don’t claim for enough so make sure you check your BU inbox!

Miss the deadline?

There is a deadline set by SFE, which is at the end of June. If you miss that deadline you can still apply, but it’s likely that your assessment by SFE will be delayed so you should make sure you have enough money to cover you for the first few weeks. SFE will tell us if you’ve applied for a Tuition Fee loan so there won’t be any problems with you enrolling at the start of term.

Funded by another authority?

Students from Scotland, Northern Island and Wales will be able to apply to their respective authorities soon and you should receive an email shortly.

So, visit the SFE website and get started. Alternatively, contact askBU Students’ Service if you need more information.