Vice-Chancellor Professor John Vinney appears in The Telegraph

Posted on Friday, February 28 2014

Bournemouth University Vice-Chancellor Professor John Vinney

Bournemouth University Vice-Chancellor John Vinney was featured in The Telegraph in an article discussing a new government policy, which promises to open the door to more students by removing the cap which controls numbers of students that universities can recruit.  

Professor Vinney said the reforms would make an impact, irrespective of “discussions about affordability and implementation. Higher Education is a fundamental good for both the individual and society, and any effort to make it more accessible to a larger number of people should be applauded”.

He went on to say, “Speaking as a father, I am pleased that when my children start thinking about going to university they will have a much better chance of entering higher education, and will be much more likely to get a place at the university they want to study at, provided they put in the hard work required”.

“Speaking as a Vice-Chancellor we will now have a true market in Higher Education, with all the joys and sorrows that come with it”.

From autumn 2015, the controls limiting the numbers of students that universities in England can recruit will be scrapped. David Willets, Universities Minister, said the decision will “free universities to recruit the students they want and give people far more choice over where to study”.