Why the Student Opinion Survey matters to you

Posted on Tuesday, February 25 2014

student_opinionsThe Student Opinion Survey (SOS) is one of the most important tools used by SUBU and the Student Reps to independently and anonymously collect and summarise feedback from students about their learning experience at BU.

Your views and suggestions are fed back to Programme Coordinators and Framework Leaders by your Reps and further influence decisions made by university management.

BU values the opinion of all students and we want as many students as possible to respond to the SOS. Your feedback is vitally important and the more students who respond, the more meaningful and credible the feedback. Your feedback has already helped instigate many changes and identify good practice to be shared, an example being the continued increase in provision of learning spaces for students across the campuses in response to student demand.

The SOS is now open, so please take a few minutes to complete it online.