Archaeology lecturer John Gale in The Independent

Posted on Wednesday, October 23 2013

BU archaeology lecturer John Gale appeared during an article about the modern profession of archaeology in The Independent.

“Being an archaeologist in 2013 is no longer about tweed jackets, beards and bohemian lifestyles” said Gale.

John Gale is programme leader for the MSc in archaeological practice at Bournemouth University.

While traditional skills remain essential, today’s archaeologists need more. The Institute for Archaeologists, suggests that postgraduate qualification could be helpful for those looking to move into practice, particularly those interested in heritage management and conservation.

As a postgraduate subject, archaeology appeals to students from a range of backgrounds such as history of art, English, music and sciences.

“Archaeology, while looking into the past, is rewarding as it provides great insight into the present,” says Gale.

“Why human beings do what they do, when and where are universal questions that transcend time and space. For the enquiring mind of whatever persuasion, archaeology offers a base from which you develop both intellectually and professionally”.

By Peter Blackhall
2nd Year Student at Bournemouth University, BA Public Relations